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by admin on October 18, 2010

One of the most rewarding careers available is nursing. You can help others recover from illness, providing comfort and other services that help patients and their families. Indeed, there are few careers as rewarding as nursing.

On top of being a rewarding career, nursing also provides you flexibility in a job that pays reasonably well. There are a number of career paths you can follow as a nurse, and during your education, you can get help with scholarships. As a result, it is possible to start your career with a minimal amount of student debt, and really dig in and help people rather quickly.

If you are interested in a nursing career, here are 50 videos that can help you learn more about the field:

General Nursing Career Information

These videos offer helpful information and general career prospects on different aspects of nursing.

  1. Nursing Jobs: Nursing Career Benefits: Learn more about the benefits you can enjoy with a nursing career.
  2. Medical Careers: Different Types of Nursing Careers: Get an overview of the different types of nursing careers available.
  3. Top 10 Nursing Careers on the Rise: A look at some of the top nursing careers.
  4. Nurse Career Information: Nursing Tools: Learn about what it takes to be a nurse.
  5. St. Francis Nursing: Early Nursing Career: An overview of some of the basics of being a nurse.
  6. How New Grads Can Plan a Career in Travel Nursing: Learn about how to be a travel nurse.
  7. Qualities of a NURSE: Considers some of the essential qualities that nurses have.
  8. Nursing Profession: How to Be a Certified Nursing Assistant: A look at how you can become a CNA.

Emergency Nursing

Learn more about working in an emergency department. Find out what it takes to be a nurse in the ER.

  1. Chris, Registered Nurse – Emergency Department: Learn about how nurse moved into the emergency department.
  2. NurseTV: Emergency Nurse (part 1): Learn more about what goes on in the emergency department. Don’t forget to watch other parts.
  3. Emergency Nursing at Methodist Hospital: A look at what happens when patients come into the emergency room — and what nurses do.
  4. Amy Smith: ER Nurse: A look at emergency nursing, and what life is like in the emergency department.
  5. Emergency Room: a day in the life: Get a first hand look at life in the emergency room.
  6. My greatest passion: Emergency Nursing: A great video that looks at emergency care and emergency nurses.

Critical Care Nursing

Find out what it’s like in a critical care ward. Different versions of the ICU can offer different opportunities to help patients.

  1. Critical Care Nurse: Day in The Life: Look at life in the critical care ward for nurses.
  2. Providing Quality Care in Critical Care: Considers what makes a good critical care unit.
  3. Nursing Careers Critical Care: Addresses at what happens in critical care unit, and what nurses need to succeed.
  4. Brad: ETMC Tyler ICU Nurse: Follows a little bit of life for this ICU nurse.
  5. John Hopkins Bayview: SICU Nurse Portrait: A look at what happens in the lives of surgical ICU at John Hopkins.
  6. Nursing Careers — NICU/ECMO: A look at what goes on in a neonatal intensive care unit.
  7. Intensive Care Nursing: A look at how nurses can help children in intensive care.

Labor and Delivery Nursing and Nurse Midwife

Help new babies into the world when you decide to be a L & D nurse. You can also learn a little bit more about nurse midwives from these videos.

  1. How to Get Medical Jobs: How to Become a Labor and Delivery Nurse: Addresses what it takes to become a L & D nurse.
  2. Labor & Delivery: what to expect: A rather helpful video about what happens when moms come in to L & D.
  3. Pregnancy Tips: What Does a Labor & Delivery Nurse Do?: Offers an overview of some of the tasks accomplished by a L & D nurse.
  4. The choice to become a nurse-midwife: Why some women want to become nurse midwives.
  5. Nurse Midwife: A look at what one nurse midwife does as her career.
  6. How to Get Medical Jobs: How to Become a Midwife: An overview of how you can become midwife.
  7. Becoming a Midwife: A great overview of how you can become a midwife, and what it takes.
  8. Midwife for Your Life: Give Birth to a Life You Love!: Learn about how you can be a midwife.

Psychiatric Nursing

Learn about what it’s like to help those with mental problems. A great look at what goes on with psychiatric nursing.

  1. Careers in Psychology: How to Become a Psychiatric Nurse: Learn what it takes to become a psychiatric nurse.
  2. Nursing – Mental Health: Overview of what mental health and psychiatric nurses do.
  3. Psychiatric Nursing: Helps you see what you can do to become a psychiatric nurse.
  4. Careers – mental health nurse: Another great overview of the different areas available to mental health nurses.
  5. Mental Health Nursing: Learn a little bit more about what it takes to excel as a mental health nurse.
  6. Mental Health Nurse Part 1: A great look at mental health nursing, from the perspective of nurse. Be sure to watch the other part.
  7. Tina Murphy. Mental Health Nurse, Derby: A look at the job of a mental health nurse.

Hospice, Nursing Home and Home Care Nursing

Hospice and home care nursing requires special sympathy and the ability to care deeply. Learn about this rewarding aspect of nursing.

  1. Benefits of Home Care Nursing: This nurse shares her idea of why home care nursing is beneficial.
  2. Career Choices for Nurses Who Want More Out of Their Careers: A look at how you can improve your career by becoming a home care nurse.
  3. St. Francis Nursing: Home Health Services: Considers what qualities nurses need to be good at home care.
  4. Hospice at home: Nurse provides care and company: A look at one nurse’s efforts to provide good home care.
  5. Nursing Home Heroes – a tribute to elder care staff: A look at nursing and compassionate care in nursing homes and hospices.
  6. Hospice Care. Nursing Home: A look at hospice care.
  7. Hospice Care & Grief Counseling: How to Find Hospice Nurse Jobs: Get a look at your options as a hospice nurse.

Nurse Practitioner

Some nurses can prescribe medication and diagnose conditions. Learn more about what it’s like to be a nurse practitioner.

  1. Career Highlights: Nurse Practitioner: A look at the difference between a nurse practitioner and a RN.
  2. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: Ideas for becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner.
  3. How to Get Medical Jobs: How to Become a Nurse Practitioner: An overview of the steps you take to become a NP.
  4. Nurse Practitioner: Start Your Own Practice #1: An interesting look at how you can start your own practice as a nurse practitioner.
  5. Nurse TV: Nurse Practitioner (part 1): Explores the NP career. Watch the second part as well.
  6. Nurse Practitioner Programs, Salary and Career: The Ultimate Guide: Great overview of what NPs do.
  7. Nurse Practitioners Take On More Responsibility: Overview of NPs and how they function.

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