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Thanks for your interest in, and for utilizing our content and services. Below, we will detail the conditions under which you may use our website and ways in which gathers and uses different types of information. The goal is so that we can provide user-relevant content and related products and services.

While utilizing, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You agree and acknowledge that information collected here may be shared with schools, affiliated companies, and third parties to offer additional information in areas you have expressed interest, such as degrees, programs, and other education-related products and services. You also acknowledge and agree that we hold the ability to release any collected information, including personally identifiable information, to businesses as needed. These businesses include those that may provide with administrative services like an email delivery service.

When you input personal information on, you are granting permission for us, our affiliated entities — including schools, third party marketing partners, and vendors — to contact you in a variety of forms. These forms may include telephone, text messages, email, and/or mail to provide information and marketing for education-related products and services.

In doing so, you also grant us and our affiliates, partners, and vendors permission to contact you for a length of time. Submitting personal information relinquishes any rights granted to you by the Do Not Call list or other applicable law. When submitting personal information on this website, you omit yourself from the state and federal government Do Not Call requirements, and we may be exempted from other applicable laws.

In situations where it is required by law, we also retain the right to release your personal information. Examples include abiding by a subpoena or other legal procedure. This will be carried out when, in good faith, we believe it is necessary to preserve our rights, to explore alleged fraud, to ensure the safety of you or others, to reply to a government or legal request, and/or in the instance that is merging, acquisitioning, or selling some or all of its assets to a third party. generally collects two types of data: submitted and automatic information.

Submitted vs. automatic information

Submitted information: This is data users voluntarily input and submit through our web forms, which may include personal contact information, such as name, telephone number, mailing address, and email address. In addition, it may include other information needed to match users with an education product or service. Submitted information is collected, stored and shared with schools and other third parties in the interest of providing you with information about education-related services, as well as schools and programs.

You can unsubscribe through a link in the email and be removed from the mailing list of that sender if you do not want to continue receiving any email communications from us, a school, or third party.

Automatic information: This includes specific types of anonymous information gathered from your browser when you interact with Examples include — but are not limited to — your browser version, operating system version, and your IP address. By utilizing, you acknowledge and agree that automatic information collected on our website may be shared with schools, affiliates, and third parties. This may be shared for the purpose of providing you with information about degrees, programs and other related education products and services.

The information enables us to offer more relevant and tailored content for users. For example, we use cookies to collect anonymous data for analytics, site optimization, customized advertising and marketing.

Use of Cookies by

Cookies: Small pieces of data sent from websites that are stored in the user’s web browser. These may be collected for technical purposes, such as web analytics. By using, you acknowledge that we use cookies and consent to our use of cookies. Advertising cookies allow users to remain anonymous and do not contain personally identifiable information. However, cookies allow advertisers to make ads more tailored to users’ interests.

Because they track navigation and publish ads on behalf of third parties, advertising cookies are sometimes referred to as third-party cookies. Our web analytics are primarily performed using Google Analytics, a tool provided by Google Inc. For more information about Google Analytics and its uses, check Google’s privacy policy at — including services and partnerships with vendors and third-party service providers — have the option to use cookies for Web analytics — demographic and other anonymous data for web optimization and other analysis — and lead auditing to ensure the accuracy, relevance and validity of submitted information. In addition, we use marketing and conversion-tracking cookies primarily to target and optimize digital ads to improve relevance, user experience, and advertising effectiveness for users.

Cookies can be removed through your browser settings at any time, though this may need to be done on a per use and not one-time basis. Users can generally opt out of receiving personalized ads from third party advertisers and ad networks who are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or who follow the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. Users can visit the opt out pages on the NAI website and DAA website for more information.

If we change our practices in the future, we reserve the right to revise our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To remain current and informed on our policies, you should revisit this page over time.

You are encouraged to utilize our contact form if you have any further questions or concerns about this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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