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10 Surprising Celebrities With PhDs

by Linda on September 02, 2010

If you’re considering a PhD program, you’re in good company. A surprising number of celebrities have achieved PhD status, even through honorary degrees, for their work in their careers or through other endeavors. An amazing number of musicians make this list of 10 celebrities with PhDs, which may or may not surprise you…but, it might help you appreciate the music these folks produce that much more. Or, this list might simply inspire you to realize that education can be synonymous with fame. [click to continue…]

Are you about to choose a topic for your dissertation? Or, are you searching for ideas for that paper that finalized your doctoral degree? You now can search online for many dissertations — some are available to download for free with the new demand for Electronic Theses and Dissertations, or ETDs. In other cases, you can gain access to abstracts or titles through libraries and colleges or universities. The following list of the top 30 Web tools to search, download and review dissertations online can help you with that search. [click to continue…]