Online PhD in Nursing

by admin on November 04, 2009

Online PhD in nursing is an online program that nursing students with either a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree can pursue as a way of advancing their career. Usually, students with a Master’s degree are the ones who qualify for the PhD program in nursing but some of the nursing schools allow students with bachelor’s degrees. Those who enter with a bachelor’s degree have their own programs since they are required to take additional courses. PhD in nursing provides nursing professionals with unique learning experiences through research.

The online PhD in nursing program is designed the same way as the traditional programs only that the mode of teaching differs. The requirements for admission will depend on the school but knowledge and skills in computer use is a must. This is because the online course will depend on the use of computer programs such as word processors as well as computer accessories such as printers and fax machines. Most of the schools demand that those interested in the program should be willing to be full time students.

Online PhD in nursing coursework is aimed at making the nursing students skilled researchers but the focus of the program will depend on the school you have chosen and your interest. There are those programs whose research focuses on development of various communities through provision of health care services while some will focus on the health care needs of vulnerable populations.

An online PhD in nursing course includes studies in areas of theory development but the emphasis is normally on research methodology and analysis. Most of what you will be doing as a PhD in nursing student will be researching which you will be conducting with the help of a supervisor who will be assigned to you. With the online PhD in nursing, your research areas of interest will determine whether you are accepted to a school or not. This is because it has to go in line with the interest of the school and there has to be a faculty member specialized in that area who will guide and mentor you during your research work.

Other requirements for joining an online PhD in nursing program include letters of reference which will help the institution to gauge whether you are capable of pursing the program or not. You will also be required to submit your online application which will include statements about your interests, for instance, research interests. Most of the schools encourage applicants to include any credentials they think may support their applications and lead to their admission. Here, you can include information on work experience if it was not previously asked for.

At the end of the online PhD in nursing program, the nursing professional will be in a position to carry out research in matters relating to health care in a bid to develop more knowledge in specific areas of interest. Such professionals are also in a position to provide leadership for a variety of positions they may be selected into.

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