The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Nursing Professor – Salary, Career and More

by admin on November 19, 2009

Along with the increasing demand in career of nursing, it is the Nursing school professor or professors in nursing are also on rise around the globe. The main reason for this rise in demand for Professors in nursing goes to the improvement in level of health care services, even at areas health care services earlier existed only on a very marginal and nominal level and thus is forcing for the demand of nurses and faculty in nursing. In certain instances teaching in nursing courses has been hampered due to insufficient supply of faculty personnel. And this situation indeed inspires anyone to become educator or instructor for nursing.

As to become a teacher in nursing career one should have passed all the nursing school examinations from undergraduate to doctorate level. And this minimum educational qualification is kept with deliberate purpose as a person with sufficient learning skills and practical knowledge in nursing profession can only teach others to become nurse. The educational degree for teaching in nursing is as ascribed to be or equivalent to doctorate degree. Apart from educational qualification there are many other factors for proper teaching and training in Nursing and most importantly the best one depends on the demand and supply phenomenon.

Qualification for Nursing Professors
:  From the research it has been found that an average age for nursing professors happens to be around about 53.5 years and they reaches to the age of retirement at the age of 62.5 years. That is very short duration of teaching for nursing assistant professors, therefore a number of nursing schools are planning strategies and plans to look out for nursing professionals to join ranking of nursing professors. Meanwhile, the young professional who is teaching at college should also be allowed to practice in private meaning he should be person of legible qualification to teach at school as well as practice at hospital and clinics.

Nature of the Job: After becoming a nursing school professor, it is expected from a nursing professor to discharge a number of duties from time to time. Among all the duties, the most important and prominent one is teaching as a teacher it is not only duty of a professor to teach but also to motivate a student.   A professor in teaching becomes a sort of mentor for his students. But teaching is only a core of their over all learning strategies more there is needed for them to spare their time in research to justify need of teaching in nursing and that took nearly up to 50% of there time.   And rest task they after a period of considerable attention need to take is the administrative responsibilities. It is also found that Nursing school professors earn lower salaries in comparison to their compatriots in practicing in hospitals and in coming future it is expected that things would going to be improved very soon with major demand of nursing professors in nursing training schools.

Salary: The average salary for a nursing professor is accounted up to $97,047.

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