Top 50 Doctoral & PhD Blogs in the Medical Field

by admin on April 26, 2010

You might be surprised to learn that a nurse can continue in her or his field to get a PhD in nursing. It might also surprise you that there are programs out there designed to help M.D.s earn a PhD at the same time they are pursuing a medical doctor’s education. In the medical field, there are dozens of ways to increase your educational level, and obtain advanced degrees, from psychology to nutrition to pharmacology. You can also get a salary bump when you decide to pursue an advanced degree in the medical field. Learn more about what can be accomplished with such an advanced degree with these 50 doctoral and PhD blogs in the medical field:

Nursing Advanced Degrees

NurseIncreasing your knowledge of nursing, and increase your job prospects with help from a PhD in nursing, or some other advanced degree in association with nursing.

  1. Florid Nightingale: This is a great blog from a nurse educator, scientist and assistant professor. An interesting look at life on the frontier of nursing.
  2. Cheryl Parker RN PhD’s blog: Cheryl Parker offers a look at life in nursing, especially as it relates to mobile health.
  3. Nursing Research: Show me the evidence!: This is a blog devoted to evidenced-based nursing, emphasizing science. All of the nurses contributing to this blog are degreed, and Dana even has a PhD
  4. Disruptive Women in Health Care: This blog features a number of writers. Some of these are nurses with PhDs. Get an interesting look at health care from these feisty women.
  5. nKini: Nursing Blog: This blog is written by a nurse with PhD and explores different issues related to nursing and health.
  6. Nursing Educator: Brent has a PhD and helps educate nurses at West Chester University. Great insight into nursing today.
  7. Nursing Law & Order: LaTonia is a nurse attorney. She has degrees in nursing, and a JD Learn about the legal issues facing nurses today.
  8. Health License Defense: Taralynn is a nurse attorney is a RN and a JD and addresses legal issues related to nursing.
  9. Nursing Center: Written by a number of different nursing professionals, including those with degrees.
  10. Includes a number of blogs and articles by different nurse professionals, some of whom have advanced nursing degrees.
  11. John Hopkins University School of Nursing: Keep up with nursing news, and learn helpful tips from nurse educators and others.


DoctorThose who wish to add an element of scientific rigor to the pursuit of a medical doctor degree can join a MD/PhD program. Here are some blogs written by those with scientific research training in addition to a MD.

  1. Dr. Shock MD PhD: Dr. Shock specializes in neuroscience, and offers interesting insights into medicine and the science of the mind.
  2. Mudphudder: Interested in academic medicine? This MD/PhD graduate will get you thinking.
  3. David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D.: David contributes on different medical issues at The Huffington Post.
  4. CE Gant MD, PhD, Licensed Naturopath: This medical doctor and PhD holder is also a licensed naturopath, and specializes in complementary medicine.
  5. Melvin Konner’s Blog: This MD/PhD looks at questions of health policy and more.
  6. Fruit of the Womb: Healthline offers this blog on pregnancy and childbirth from Kenneth F. Trofatter, MD, PhD.
  7. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma: This blog is written by Howard Brody, a professor with a MD and a PhD in philosophy. He writes mainly about the ethics involved in medicine and pharma.
  8. Behind the Headlines: Simeon blogs on Yahoo! Health about what’s going on behind the headlines we see in health and medicine.
  9. Neurotopia: This blog is written by three scientists. One of them has a PhD in physiology, another has a PhD in neuroscience, and one is working on a MD/PhD.
  10. My Life, My Pace: This blog reveals the ups and downs of life as a MD/PhD student.
  11. Scott’s MD-PhD Adventure: Read about experiences of a MD/PhD student, and learn a little more about what it takes to be one.

Pharmacology and Neuroscience PhD

PharmacologyLearn more about drug action and how it affects the brain and body, research and development with the help of a pharmacology, and also read blogs from those with PhDs in neuroscience fields.

  1. JuniorProf: This pharmacology PhD writes a blog about life, pharmacology and more.
  2. BrainBlog: Anthony blogs about the brain, and what goes on. He has a PhD, and is a neuropsychologist.
  3. Safety Pharmacology Society Blog: A number of pharmacology PhDs and others discuss safety.
  4. Neurodudes: Learn more about neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and more.
  5. Your Wise Brain: Rick Hanson writes this neuropsychology blog at Psychology Today.
  6. Gianpaolo has a PhD in pharmacology, and writes about genes on his blog.
  7. To Be Determined: Elia has a PhD in pharmacology, and writes about life sciences, life and medicine.
  8. SCLin’s neuroscience blog: Explore neuroscience possibilities with this PhD and MD.
  9. Brain Windows: Andrew has a PhD in neurpscience and offers insight into how the brain works, and what affects it.
  10. Graduate Student Blog: This blog is at the the Case Western Reserve University department of Pharmacology. An interesting look at pharmacology and student efforts.

Nutrition and Fitness PhD

Nutrition and FitnessIf you are interested in the nutrition and fitness aspects of medicine, you can get advanced degrees in related fields.

  1. Cassandra Forsythe: Learn about diet and exercise, geared toward women, with this PhD graduate in Exercise Science and Nutrition.
  2. Health Journal: Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom has a PhD in nutritional biochemistry and metabolism, and offers insight into health and wellness through proper nutrition.
  3. Dietitian Nutri-News & Health Updates: Get information on the latest in nutrition from this PhD, RD and sports nutritionist.
  4. Dr. Sheri’s Blog on Exercise and Diabetes: Learn about how exercise an help you control diabetes.
  5. Dr. Yessis Sports Training Blog: Learn about better exercise with this doctor and PhD to guide you.
  6. Your Health Journey Blog with Fred Bisci, PhD: Learn more about nutrition and health.
  7. The Science of Sport: Explore sports, exercise, and the science associated with it from a couple of guys with PhDs in exercise physiology.
  8. Dr. Greg Wells: Interesting insights into exercise and health from this PhD in exercise sciences.
  9. The Insomnia Blog: Learn about better sleep and how it can help your fitness and more with Michael Breus, PhD.

Psychology PhD

PsychologyLearn more about the mind, mental health and more from these talented PhDs in the field of psychology.

  1. In the news by Karen Franklin PhD: This site looks at news related to different aspects of criminology and psychology law.
  2. Shrink Wrapped: Learn about psychology from a psychoanalyst.
  3. Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look: A look at the way psychology is conducted today.
  4. Solo Shrink: Learn more about resources available for mental health.
  5. Laura’s Psychology Blog: This psychology professor shares information and thoughts on life and psychology.
  6. World of Psychology: Psych Central offers this blog that focuses on different aspects of psychology, written by different professionals, including those with advanced degrees.
  7. Child Psychology Research Blog: A helpful, scientifically-based blog about child psychology and development.
  8. Media Psychology Blog: An interesting take on mass media and psychology from Dr. Pamela Rutledge.
  9. PsyBlog: Larry is working toward his PhD in psychology. He shares insights into the workings of the mind.

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