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You might be surprised to learn that a nurse can continue in her or his field to get a PhD in nursing. It might also surprise you that there are programs out there designed to help M.D.s earn a PhD at the same time they are pursuing a medical doctor’s education. In the medical field, there are dozens of ways to increase your educational level, and obtain advanced degrees, from psychology to nutrition to pharmacology. You can also get a salary bump when you decide to pursue an advanced degree in the medical field. Learn more about what can be accomplished with such an advanced degree with these 50 doctoral and PhD blogs in the medical field:

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Even if your focus might be on nursing, you may have other interests such as governmental policies, environmental issues or managerial economics. With Open Courseware, you can pursue learning and realize — at the graduate level — how to expand your interests into your work to make your work more enjoyable. What better way to continue to learn than through enlightening courses that are free and open to anyone with an Internet connection? [click to continue…]