7 Sites for Your Daily Dose of Health How-to's and Tips

by admin on December 08, 2009

As heath care is understood from the treatment and management of illness it can be regulated by medical, dental, complementary and alternative medicine. Health care is also understood from the goods and services defined to promote health. However, there are many websites which helps a person to take overall care of health and a few popular of them are discussed below.

WebMD: It is website dedicated to credible information, supportive communities and in-depth reference material related to health subjects and topics. It is known for providing original and timely health information as well as material from the renowned content providers who happens to be on board certified physicians, award-winning journalist and trained community moderators.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH): It is a functional body of US Department of Health and Human Services for conducting and carrying over medical research.  Its scientist looks for various ways to prevent diseases as well as the causes, treatments for common and rare diseases. The research of NIH impacts on child and teen health, men’s health, minority health, senior’s health and women’s health and wellness and lifestyles issues.

MedicineNet.com: It is an online healthcare media publishing company which provides easy to read in depth authoritative medical information for consumers through its robust, user friendly and interactive web site. It has a 70 U.S Board Certified Physicians. In its panel to provide online health and medical information.

Mayoclinic.com: Started in 1995 it is a website which is visited by millions of health enthusiasts every month to have information on symptoms, diagnosis and understanding about common and rare diseases. It provides access to the medical information and knowledge of more than 3, 300 physicians and scientists at Mayo Clinic.

Drugs.com: It is one of the most trusted and authentic resource for drug and related health information on Internet. It provides independent, objective, comprehensive and up-to-date information in a clear and precise manner for both consumers and health care professional

Yahoo Health: It is a very helpful website on various issues and areas related to health care as it provides information and data on Allergy, Alternative Medicine, Back Pain, Beauty and Skin care, birth control, Children’s health and cold& flu.

Realage.com: It is a website about information and personalized view on health added with management tools. The health information provided at Real age is aimed toward a younger and ultimate healthier and longer life commitment. The provided information on this website is repeatedly is cross checked by esteemed panel of medical and scientific experts.

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